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The Inspirational Leadership Summit
How to Become an Inspirational Leader, Achieve Health,
Happiness and Success

What is included in the VIP Pass?
1) Interviews

In these value-packed interviews, each expert provides a “deeper dive” into their topic and shares strategies and practical tips to advance your leadership. No fluff or theory. 

Only proven advice to help you succeed and reach your goals faster and more easily.
2) Inspiration, Insights and Ideas Summary & Transcripts

Summary of 3 Big Ideas, 2 practical actionable tips, 1 thing to reflect and act upon! 

People love these actionable Strategies and Tips because they’re condensed and designed so you can see fast results when you put them into action. Each of the Summit’s experts brings years of success and experience distilled into “bite-sized” advice you can reflect upon and apply immediately.

All the inspiration, insights and ideas are available in PDFs, video and audio to stream or download so you can learn on the go and wherever you are.

Implement just one or two tips consistently and take your leadership to a whole new and exciting level!

In addition you get full transcripts of all the sessions. Read through and highlight quotes, strategies, tips and points to reflect upon.
3) Live Online Workshop on Leader Development - 

In this exclusive online 90 min workshop, Archana Shetty will help you create an actionable plan to help you step up and take your leadership to the next level

You’ll walk away from this live workshop with:
- Greater clarity on your vision
- Plan with practical steps that will most move the needle for you in the next 90 days
- Wrap up of Summit (Ideas and Insights)
- Q & A with Archana

This will take place shortly after the Summit concludes and If you can’t make it live, don’t worry – the session will be recorded and uploaded to VIP Members area
4) Access to NGL Tribe - FREE for 3 months

An exclusive supportive community of mindful, inspirational, next generation leaders (NGL).  

Here we offer ongoing support and access to valuable resources, research and a strong network of coaches and experts to help you in your leadership journey.

Didn't Jim Rohn say “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 
5) Bonus from Experts

Special access to exclusive bonus content from the experts.
Praises for the Summit
“I’m so glad I signed up for the VIP Pass!”
“I’m so glad I signed up for the VIP Pass! With 2 kids on the go it was going to be difficult to get on all sessions without it! Now I can watch at my own pace, pause and take notes!! The info I have seen so far is already worth well over the money I have paid!“

Jeffrey Deckman

Job title (Canada)
“I’m blown away by how much each person is prepared to share.”
“I’ve just decided to move away from being a corporate world employee and after viewing just a few of the available sessions I am now feeling so much more confident and already have a number of concrete actions to get my business set-up for success from day one.”

Mark Sanborn

Consultant (United Kingdom)
“High value! Great content!”
“I just joined! Archana, you ALWAYS deliver! The product is great – genius really – and I am excited to have joined. You do such a great job in selecting the speakers and pulling the best from them during the interview. High value! Great content! There is never a dull moment in your programs.”

Tal Ben-Shahar

Business Coach (United States)
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Meet Your Host

Archana Shetty is an executive coach, speaker, and mentor for leaders and organizations. She’s a seasoned individual with a passion for helping leaders be the best they can be.

She brings over 20 years of corporate experience and emotional intelligence expertise to help professionals identify blind spots, overcome challenges, reach their full potential and advance to the next level.

She empowers leaders to be emotionally intelligent, mindful, next-generation leaders without burning out.

Her Why is to create a positive impact to as many lives as possible. To extend her advocacy, she has partnered with Buy1GIVE1, a global organization of giving with a mission of improving communities and lives of those less fortunate. She provides similar opportunities to those who choose to work with her so that they can make a difference in the world together.

Get exclusive content more than $2000 value
With Lifetime Access…
…For Only $67
We are highly confident you’re going to LOVE this summit. But if for any reason at all you
don’t love it or it’s just not for you, you can get a refund.
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